4 ingredient strawberry banana ice cream {vegan}

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As much as I want to scream to the world that I MADE HEALTHY ICE CREAM. I just can't. Because really this isn't ice cream, BUT it tastes exactly like it, minus all the sugar of course. So to me; this is ice cream. :) Now I'm just waiting for a nice warm sunny day where I can kick back and relax outside while enjoying some of this deliciousness. :) I'm telling you, this ... continue reading

clean eating pepper loaded vegetarian spaghetti

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Normally when I think of pasta, I think of creating it at home because let's face it; there's a lot of restaurants out there that make incredible pasta, but they aren't necessarily healthy for the body. My first wedding anniversary is coming up and I've been looking around to try to find a great restaurant in order for us to go on our very first anniversary date; as a ... continue reading

blueberry cashew beet smoothie

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I'm wearing my big smile today as Lushious Eats has officially hit a new milestone. This Blueberry Cashew Beet Smoothie is my 100th recipe! I honestly can't even believe there are 100 recipes on this little ol'blog of mine. It really feels like it was just a few months ago that I began Lushious Eats. Really though, this coming June will officially be the first birthday ... continue reading

green bean vegetarian quinoa

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All of the small things in life that I do, ultimately make me feel so healthy. For example, a few days ago was the first time I went to the Bulk Barn in town. I wrote up a list of all the things I would normally buy at the grocery store, but instead I would buy at the Bulk Barn. I grabbed my grocery bags and went shopping. In the end, what I thought my bill would be ... continue reading

kiwi coconut cream smoothie

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Oohhh how I love kiwi. The superfood fruit that I just can't get enough of! Kiwi carries some awesome health benefits. From consuming kiwi on a regular basis it can improve your cardiovascular health, boost your immunity, improve digestion and create healthy blood sugar levels. Along with those incredible benefits; kiwi is also known to decrease the risk of cancer and ... continue reading