christmas rum balls

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Let me just start off to say, you're very welcome. OMG! I have found the absolute most amazing treat for Christmas night. You're going to love me if you make these rum balls. ;) Made with ground almonds and cacao powder, these rum balls are super soft on the inside and thicker on the outside. They really remind me of a fudge....which is ... read more

marinated baked white kidney beans

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These Marinated Baked White Kidney Beans are a perfect side to your Holiday meal! Easy. Healthy. Delicious! I have to admit, I really love beans, and when I came up with these ingredients to make this marinate, I wasn't sure on how it was going to taste. I threw a bunch of ingredients together and I was so happy when I took that first ... read more

potato crusted pizza


I think this recipe proves that I'm a pizza freak. Like my goal is to try to find as many different ways possible to create my favourite food; pizza. Just when I thought I was totally out of new ideas, I received a knock at the door. I've teamed up with The Little Potato Company to create and share a recipe using their little creamer ... read more

bacon wrapped potato bites

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Bacon is one of those foods that I love to hate. I love bacon, but I hate the fat! Here I am searching in the store for the perfect pack of bacon with the smallest amount of fat. Hey if you're going to eat it, you have to accept it, am I right or am I right? ;) These Bacon Wrapped Potato Bites are the perfect appetizer or party food. Over ... read more

sunflower seed protein balls {vegan, gluten-free}

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A few days ago I shared on Instagram something that I discovered in my grocery store.....sunflower seed butter. Oh, when I saw this little jar staring right at me, it was like one of those moments when you kick yourself in the butt. "why haven't I been eating this already!!!!" Well, I put my Sunday meal prep apron on (just kidding!) ... read more

spicy and salty roasted chickpeas

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Why is it that every time I sit down and being to write a post, I look up, look out the window and take a deep breath. Why did we skip fall and go straight into winter!??!?! Rahhhhahahahahhahaahahaaa Sorry, but that's how I feel when my plans turn to crap due to the weather. Lately, that's how it is. With Lushious Lifts and Eats. I have a ... read more