protein powerhouse chili bowl


I am in love with this chili. Last weekend, I was craving some protein chili. When I made this Clean Eating Turkey Barley Chili a few weeks ago, it was really that good that it kept me wanting more. I was looking for something FULL of protein, and protein I added. This recipe makes A TON of servings. I added it as 18+ because, honestly most of it is in my freezer and I'm ... continue reading

carrot chickpea salad

carrot-and-chickpea-salad-recipe-lushious-eats (4 of 4)

I'm becoming a big chickpea fan. I've always liked chickpeas, but usually ate them as a snack until I recently added them in a salad and now I'm finding myself eating them all the time! Over the weekend I created this little mixture of protein and veggies and then called it a salad. ;) I decided to toss a bunch of healthy, high protein ingredients together and pack for ... continue reading

mango vanilla green smoothie

mango-vanilla-spinach-smoothie-recipe-lushious-eats (5 of 6)

In the winter I find myself stocking up more and more on frozen fruit. The last time I went to the grocery store, there was a big sale on frozen fruit and I grabbed three bags of mango! Yes please! Fruit is it's best while its fresh, but in the winter I don't really have the option to walk outside and grab an apple off the tree.... Ok, let's be honest, I can't do that ... continue reading

how to {oven roasted garlic}

how-to-roast-garlic-oven-roasted-garlic-recipe-lushious-eats (1 of 9)

Garlic is a huge must have in my house. I kind of have a feeling it's like that in most homes. It's so versatile. Almost everything tastes good with garlic. Not only is garlic good to eat, but there's some awesome health benefits that come along after adding garlic to your diet. Such as; + improves the immune system + loaded full of antioxidants + promotes healthy ... continue reading

restaurant quality whole grain pasta for one

easy-whole-grain-spaghetti-for-one-recipe-lushious-eats (1 of 4)

Have you ever had those days when you're hungry but you aren't sure what you really want to eat? You feel like going out to a restaurant because you may, or may not be a little on the lazy side. :) Making the choice to keep things healthier by creating your own dishes, you head on over to your kitchen and start checking inside every single cupboard.... Don't want ... continue reading

healthy coconut peanut butter granola bars + no bake granola


The last time I made granola was a total win! Any recipes I see around the internet calls for baking the oats, but I take things on a different route and get a little creative. (Don't I always) This recipe calls for some serious deliciousness. You're going to need: organic oats shredded unsweetened coconut all natural peanut butter 1/3 cup honey (real honey, not the ... continue reading