20 minute, cheddar broccoli penne

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Oohh look at that pasta, it looks sooooo creamyyyyyy. It also looks like something that I would definitely ask for if I was eating at a restaurant, but then there would be a single serving size sitting in front of me that literally, my whole family could eat. Which is a good reason why making meals at home are so much better. When it comes to something so simple, like ... continue reading

clean eating greek yogurt deviled eggs

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Creamy. Chewy. Salty. Just damn delicious. Eggs are something that I reach for almost on a daily basis. I love eggs because of how versatile they are. I can make them different every day and because of that I will never get sick of eggs. Plus, eggs are so good for you! Recently I switched to Omega 3 eggs to obtain even more health benefits from these little ... continue reading

buffalo blue cheese sandwich

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Recently I shared this Maple Blue Cheese Chicken and I told you to expect some more blue cheese recipes. ;) Today I am delivering a delicious, sandwich made with good ol' blue cheese and one of my favourite things....hot sauce! I'm a sucker for hot sauce and carbs so when you put those two things together, you get a girl who's going to be too busy eating sandwiches to ... continue reading

so good for you apple cinnamon overnight oats {vegan}

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Would you believe me if I told you that if someone asked me three months ago if I liked overnight oats I'd say...... "I haven't tried them"....? Honestly, I am a big fan of oatmeal, but until a few months ago I have never, ever tried overnight oats. Now, I literally make them all the time. They are too easy! For someone who packs their lunch for work every day (my ... continue reading

clementine coconut dream smoothie

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Oh clementines are everywhere and it is kinda reminding me of Summer. It was colder here last night than it was at the North Pole, (I know that thanks to Facebook!) ;) and any signs of Summer are far, far from happening. Right now, it's all about the imagination...unless you're of course one of the lucky ones who are leaving this cold, brutal winter and enjoying sun and ... continue reading