disaronno on the rocks with pure infused maple ice

pure-infused-maple-syrup-ice-vanilla-cinnamon-star-anise-disaronno-drink-lushious-eats (2)

Tomorrow you might be needing some of this Cool Cucumber Mint Water....you know..to cure the hangover. Kidding! But really though, this drink it absolutely out of this world and I give it all to these amazing PURE Infused Maple Ice Cubes that I created. That's right. A maple ice-cube that literally takes your drink to a whole new level. Who ever skips ice? Put ... continue reading

8 layer greek salad dip

8-layer-greek-salad-dip-recipe-lushious-eats (6)

Tomatoes. and that cream cheese. Mmmmmmm... this lettuce is so fresh... and the crunchy cucumber. Mmmmmm..... Peppers. Oh My. More. Cheese. Mmmmm....... Those are the thoughts that go through your head while you're munching on this 8 Layer Greek Salad Dip. ...drooling... I am a big fan of nachos and are always looking for new ways to enjoy them. That means I ... continue reading

cool cucumber mint lemon water


 Yessss, fruit in water is a thing! A fantastic thing actually, which benefits your health maybe more than what you think! Water is my go-to drink. It's tasteless, but delicious at the same time. Does that even make sense? To me it does. Water just makes me feel good, it brings out nice, clear skin, healthy, shiny hair and definitely makes me look leaner. ;) I can't be ... continue reading

grilled blazin pepper bourbon pork chops

blazin-pepper-bourbon-seasoned-pork-chops-recipe-lushious-eats (1)

Oh heyyyy, remember me? Yeah, I know I've been totally missing in action, but I haven't gone anywhere, I've been around, werkin' on my fitness after taking some time to enjoy the beach. My husband and I went to Cuba and had a fantastic time. :) I love taking a vacation right at the end of winter. Then upon returning home, Spring is literally just awaiting your arrival. ... continue reading

beefy chili orzo

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This is a great example of what I like to call; make it ahead of time, divide into single servings and then call it a day. Or a week for that matter. Welcome to the perfect example of how meal prep rules! If you're new to Lushious Eats ( Welcome :) ) there's one thing you need to know about me. I'm a girl who loves to eat, and eat a lot, but I work a day job which makes ... continue reading